The big announcement: we will be trying out a new place to meet for our June 10th meeting. We will be meeting in …

San Jose City Hall

… the San Jose City Hall!!

We’ll give this a trial, and if we like it, we have it reserved for the next 3 meetings.

The city hall is at 200 Santa Clara street in San Jose. I recommend getting there by taking highway 87 off of either 101 or 280 and then taking the Julian street exit towards the downtown. When you get to 4th (or 5th) street turn right and head towards the City Hall. About halfway down the block is a city garage that spans the block between 4th and 5th that is free after 6pm. (you still need to push the button and take a ticket but there is no charge on exiting.)


We will be meeting in rooms 118 and 119. The entrance is on the 4th street side of city hall in what they call the City Hall “Wing.”


Hope to see everyone there on June 10th.