Chen-Hao Hsu acquired his first orchids in Taiwan when he was ten years old. His passion for orchids and other plant groups continued after he returned to the U.S. shortly thereafter. Prior to pursuing a graduate degree in ecology and statistics at UC Davis, he interned for one summer at Longwood Gardens outside of Philadelphia and briefly worked with the orchid collection there. Currently, his travels for work and pleasure have led him to many destinations both domestic and abroad. His most recent travels have taken him to Mexico, Peru, central Africa, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Jamaica, Panama and the Philippines where he observed a vast variety of orchids across distinctly different habitats.

Plant table

Chen-Hao will supply the plant table. There will be a wide variety of orchids.

MOS bought some Cymbidiums from Doug Pulley. Many were sold during the MOS Show and POGE Show. The remaining Cymbidiums will be used to supplement the plant table. Thank you Bill for hauling the Cymbidiums to the shows and taking care of (babysitting) them for us.