• New Meeting Location

    The big announcement: we will be trying out a new place to meet for our June 10th meeting. We will be meeting in …



  • Speaker: TANYA LAM - Wonderful Colors of Neofinetia Hybrids

    Tanya has been growing orchids since 1997, constantly trying different methods of growing conditions and growing medium. She was creative in adjusting her growing methods to raise her orchids with the healthiest rooting systems, and in turn enjoys optimal flowering. During the first few years of growing, her job required extensive travel, which required her to have good planning and orchid mixes that stay moist exactly 7 days. Tanya created her own mixes to fit her weekly watering schedule and conditions. Tanya always looks for ways to improve her greenhouse operations and improve growing conditions. Orchids have become Tanya’s obsession and second profession. Tanya has seen orchids growing in Australia, Thailand, China, and Singapore. She loves to travel and dreams to visit even more orchid habitats throughout the world.



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