• New Meeting Location

    The big announcement: we will be trying out a new place to meet for our June 10th meeting. We will be meeting in …



  • Speaker: Bob Hamilton - The Victorian Orchid Craze, Now and Then

    Robert Hamilton is a second-generation Berkeley native, educated in the Berkeley school systems including UC Berkeley. Beginning as a 19-year-old employee scanning bubble chamber photos at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab while a student, his UC career spanned more than 50 years eventually leading to manager of equipment and facilities for two successive semiconductor research labs, the Microlab and the NanoLab. Bob began growing orchids with his partner, John Leathers in 1976. John and Bob currently operate Hawk Hill Nursery, a California-licensed nursery specializing in cool growing Andean orchids. Both have trekked the Andes in search of new species. Hawk Hill operates its own lab. Bob is known for his seminal work in orchid chromosome doubling having received the OAS Presidential Medal for his work with anti-mitotic chemicals to induce polyploids. In addition to orchids, Bob studies classical piano and, since his high school years, has been an avid art collector.



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