This month’s speaker will be Chaunie Langland. A big fan of Phalaenopsis, aka Phals and Phalies, she will talk about species Phals, fragrant Phals, tiny Phals, huge Phals, and current awarded hybrids. Yes, there will be slides. She will also perform a death defying repotting for your amazement and edification. So sit close to the front if you want to see that. Or sit at the back if you are the nervous type and can’t take the suspense.

Chaunie is an active member of Peninsula Orchid Society and a dead weight member of San Francisco Orchid Society and Gold Coast Cymbidium Growers. She is in her first year as an associate AOS judge. (That means her score finally counts!) Having retired from materials characterization at the end of 2017, she dreams of becoming current on repotting her orchids which she grows in her 8 x 16 greenhouse and outdoors. No, you cannot grow Phals outdoors!

Plant table

The plant table (opportunity table) will be supplied by Fred Clark of Sunset Valley Orchids.